Pay Per Click (PPC) & Social Media Marketing

Laser target key demographics with focused offers and adverts. Direct users through a sales funnel designed with ads & landing pages.

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Advertise across multiple social media channels Facebook & Adwords

Depending on your target audience and offer we can help you target specific age groups,locations, net-worth and loads more.

Your demographic will lean towards a particular channel like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. These offer great advertising platforms.

Google Adwords Search Engine Marketing and Facebook also offer fantastic retargeting opportunities to retarget both large and small businesses or consumers.

The Online Campaign Process

Zero in on the best platform and ads to fulfill your targets whether that's Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords SEM or even a viral piece of social media content. Here's how a measured campaign works.

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Facebook Ad Example

Choose target demographic

Understand the type of people that you should be targeting is crucial. What is the age range and interests of prospective customers? Which social channels do they use? Does the channel support your format? By being precise in these fields your chances of conversion are higher.

Design an Advert

Create the ads that are relevant. Attract your audience by calling to them individually with an ad suite rather than trying to please all demographics with one single advert.

Create a landing page

Design and developing a landing page is crucial to delivering results. It must be consistent and be designed in the same fashion and text as the original ad so users know they are on the right path.

Measure Conversions

By creating landing pages we can measure conversions. This allows us to see which ads and channels are working and then concentrate our efforts on the best converting ads.

Filter By Results

By measuring we now have the best results and can see which channel, ad, and device is best for any future campaigns too.

Refocus Spend on Best Ads

Remove any ads that are under-performing and double up on the best converting ads. This will increase you CRO and in turn lower your costs.

Landing Page Example

We saw our turnover increase by 90% in the 4 years we worked with Killer Bytes

James Quinn Managing Director, Quinn Legal
James Quinn

Increased Your Exposure Using Social Channels

Use social media to build trust and rapport with users and increase your reputation and brand.

Speak your clients language Social Media Engagement

Creating viral content on social channels can drive organic traffic to your website.

Multiple shares can not only help refer people to your website but also work as a brand magnifier. By optimising channels such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube you can begin to take up more results in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your brand and service. It's also a great help for reputation management.

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